Sunday, 11 December 2016


Dear All,

The reason for me writing this blog, I've told people, is to log the ups and downs, warts and all (sorry already. I'll do a blanket apology now for what may follow), I've made from having surgery on both of my feet at the beginning of January to swimming the length of Lake Windermere (10.1 miles) in August, when in reality the real reason is so that I can't chicken out!

Don't get me wrong, I love swimming and last year completed two 10k swims and swam the length of Coniston (also one of the lakes in the Lake District), which was 5.25 miles. Before I swam these distances I had worked on my stroke technique with a swim trainer and trained diligently with my swim bud (Shark), and at times with my son, and whilst there were a few ups and downs on the way, which included a couple of dramatic speed boat rescues, one health related (Shark, not me- she's fine now) and the other because of a nasty thunder storm, I was more than ready for the challenges.

This time last year I had already begun my training, starting off at shorter distances, and building up to longer distances nearer to the swims. This year I won't even be putting a toe in the water until the beginning of March, and won't have swum for 8 weeks!

Ordinarily I would have made the decision to swim Windermere after I'd been back in the water for a few months, test the water as it were, but this is a swim that I am doing with Shark (my swim buddy) for charity. The reason for it having to be this year I will explain later, and so without delay, as soon as the bandages come off, I need to be back in the pool... Not in the open water? I hear you asking. In march? That would be just Maverick!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and sharing my experiences by offering me your support, Kudos and words of encouragement along the way.

Best Wishes


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