Sunday, 11 December 2016

More about me:

In a previous life I was able to go for a run most days and eat what I wanted without giving it a second thought. Unfortunately I'm no longer that youthful gazelle that used to run for 10 miles without breaking a sweat and then attend a keep fit class at the gym, no, at 45 I am ever so slightly over middle aged with the daily battle of fighting the middle aged middle bit and avalanche leg, with no help from two teenage kids that eat like locusts and demand that I keep a house full of food all the time (in fact my son sees a full fridge as a challenge!), I am continually at the supermarket topping it up, and as a caring mother I am duty bound to test the biscuits and cakes for edability, flavour and dunkability before I let my babies anywhere near them. I'd never forgive myself if they had substandard biscuits and cake. It's the very least I can do...

I also bought a dog thinking that the long, brisk walks around the lovely woods near where I live would do me the world of good, however I have a dog who has me questioning her DNA for no spaniel that ever lived is as lazy as she is. She would rather not leave her bed and tries to make herself invisible, hide, or pretend to be deep in sleep in order to avoid a walk. She has also been known to make her own way home mid walk once she's had enough, in fact I say mid walk, it's usually when we get down the road or around the corner, or she just lays down and refuse to go any further putting an abrupt end to any exercise I thought I was getting.

See, bone idle!
Love that dog!
Exercising is still very important to me, and swimming is now the only exercise I am able to do thanks to dicky hips, an unstable knee (damn thing dislocates a lot), hypermobility, unhelpful children and dog, and it pays to be kind to your body at my age right?

I know I only started swimming a couple of years ago, due to curtain circumstances rather than as a first choice for exercise, but I can't believe how much I love it. I know that the training for Windermere is my toughest challenge to date, and I have my work cut out, bearing in mind the distance and the time frame I have but I'm lucky enough to have a supportive family who are already willing me on, a fantastic support group at Swimyourswim, Hollie who puts me through my paces at the pool, and of course I have Shark with me. And with all that I think I have it covered!

On a final, and very important, note, we will also be hoping to raise some money for a couple of small, local charities, which is the other reason why I (we) are doing it this year. I also hope that we are able to raise awareness of these charities and the vital support that they provide.

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