Thursday, 15 December 2016

Part 4

I am most definitely my own worst enemy. I had practiced diligently for the swim, listened to some good advice regarding exercise and nutrition, and felt ready on the day. It took up a lot of time and energy (emotional and physical) and sure it was gruelling at times, bloody cold, I'd more than once exposed parts of my body to fellow swimmers that would usually be covered, thanks to inadequate changing facilities and/or a stupidly too small towel (I still need to get myself a Dryrobe) and had many a spectacular loss of dignity trying to exit the water- still not quite achieved that one, but is much improved by the use of ear plugs, but on the flip side I'd met the most amazing bunch of people, eaten delicious cake in cafes and swam in the most breathtakingly beautiful places that you just don't get to see any other way. The reality is that I'd loved every single second of it (this does not include the fish et al).

So with another 3-4 months of the season ahead of me, and Shark recovering well, we began gradually swimming further. By the end of October, and our last swim, a night swim (a lot like swimming in ink), we were swimming 2 miles.

My son and I pre-dip.

In November 2015 we entered the Great North Swim again for the following June. My son, Shark and I all doing the 1 mile swim. At the same time a colleague asked me if I (and several others, including Shark) would consider swimming the length of Coniston (5.25 miles). She wowed me with a pre prepared video of some swimmers at Coniston on a sunny day, in a calm lake, with dynamic music playing in the background. I was completely drawn in and without too much thought I said yes. Looking back I should have asked for thinking time, and have no excuse for my impulsive decision. Looking into it further there were several organised swims, including one with Swimyourswim. After several discussions with Shark and the guys at Swimyourswim we felt that this was something, with a proper training plan, we could do.

I'm really not sure what we were thinking, I mean last year swimmimg a mile in open water was challenge enough, and suddenly I'm entering 5? I seriously considered mid life crisis as being the culprit because I simply don't have the excuse of youth to be that stupid.

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