Monday, 19 December 2016

Part 8

I literally hit the floor running after Windermere. It was only a few weeks until Coniston. I didn't want to over train, but equally didn't want it to be a struggle. I relaxed a bit after Windermere and swimming became enjoyable again except for one thing. Following Shark's recent asthma attack the trainers at Hatfield issued me with a whistle to put up the leg of my wetsuit in case of an emergency. The irony is that Shark is actually a nurse and I am actually useless - as demonstrated at Windermere. They are really vigilant there, but felt better knowing that I could call them if I needed. I didn't need to use it once, but the problem I did have was not knowing what the protocol was with regards to needing a wee mid swim with a whistle up your leg. I'm pretty sure that Google would be of no help on this occasion. There's only 2 exits to my wetsuit (I am definitely not even considering the neck as an option for the purposes of this- way too grim), and unfortunately I can't guarantee it exiting down the non whistle leg. I'll never tell them whether I did or didn't though...

Now the weather was warmer, the water was just lovely to swim in, and we were enjoying the longer swims even more. On one of the swims we decided that we would try and push ourselves for a faster time. I had on my watch so knew that it would be fairly accurate. The course at Hatfield is 800 metres and on our 3rd lap round one of the coached appeared out of nowhere in a boat, using a klaxon to get our attention. Made us jump! He told us that there had been lightning seen and that we had to exit the water immediately and that he would warn all the swimmers and then come and collect us from the side. Unfortunately for my asthma suffering swim buddy I am terrified of thunder, and swam like the clappers to the side, leaving her mid lap. I didn't even look back to check on her... I do feel bad about it now, but would still do the same again. It's every man (swimmer) for himself on such occasions. They came round and picked us up, which would have been thrilling except for the fact that I know that lightening will hit the tallest part, and being taller than Shark, well that would just be Karma and serve me right, so keeping the snippet of information to myself I sat in the boat rather than stand like my fellow swimmers. I still don't feel bad about it, and my watch tells me that it was (and always will be) the fastest lap I've ever done, so thanks to lightning we got our fast time! It wasn't after all an official race, and so can't really be disallowed, can it?

The lake at Hatfield

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