Thursday, 16 February 2017

6 weeks post op and the pins come out...

Well today's the day! 6 weeks after surgery I am finally having the pins removed, and aside from one stubbed toe where I literally impaled myself on my own pin, all has gone according to plan. In anticipation of all going well, I have decided to buy myself some new goggles ready for getting back in the pool. I don't really know why I paid extra for them to arrive tomorrow when I know that I can't swim for at least another week, but I did.

Shark has offered to take me to the hospital, and frankly I'll be glad of the extra nurse for there's a likelihood that I will pass out. Before we go though I'm going to treat her to coffee and cake as a thank you for taking me and an apology of what is yet to come. Also, I figure that I may well not have an appetite afterwards and really don't like the idea of being hungry one bit.

Later the same day... I have to say that the last 6 weeks have been positively easy going compared to today. Sadly removing 5 pins (they are really nails. 'Pins' is the word they use to make you believe that they are tiny, thin pieces of metal - they are not) from your feet that were seemingly happy to stay put proved to be more of a work out for the consultant than he anticipated. Afterwards, and before the consultant could discuss after care and recovery times, I asked how long it was before I could swim again. In a week he said!!! If I'd been in a position to skip round the room I would have. Unfortunately I forgot to ask him when I would be able to drive again. Kinda crucial for getting to the pool!

Seven hours, and one long Nanna nap later I'm very sore but following doctor's orders and resting. I shall spend tomorrow on the sofa looking for a new swimsuits on my I-pad...I need to recover quickly. This being laid on the sofa is going to cost me a fortune!

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