Monday, 20 February 2017

Couch potato? Definitely not...

Some people might like the idea of having 6 weeks off, only moving between bed and sofa and back again, but the last 6 weeks convalescing have taught me that I am not one of them. There is a plus side, which is that I have discovered Lucifer and Vikings, and watched every episode of both back to back and am happy to say I'm all up to date. But on the negative side I've eaten 9 boxes of Jaffa Cakes, also pretty much back to back, that visitors have brought me knowing they'd help me feel better, and added to all the other gifts of chocolates, continental breakfast, cake and japonaise (my absolute favourite), I've pretty much eaten my body weight in sugar.

What I should have been doing during this time is researching training plans, looking into nutrition and become Wincy Willis looking at weather forecasts and seeing if I can predict the arrival of spring and the warmer weather. I had planned to at the beginning, however it just hasn't happened. Getting back in the pool just felt like a pipe dream until last week when my consultant finally told me I would be able to swim again on 1st March, and now it's days away I've gone into blind panic. I'm simply not ready!

You see for the last 6 weeks, along with grim shoes, I have pretty much lived in leggings. Comfy, easy to get over my bandaged feet, versatile and the clothing of choice when you're laid up, despite me not exactly rocking the look. I should have listened to a friend whose views are that legging should definitely be saved for the youth of today, but instead I covered all mirrors and anything reflective and informed all visitors that if they so much as looked at my legs in a funny way they would be evicted. Leggings have done nothing to elevate me up the fashion stakes and they have also led me into a false sense of security, you see when I was eating all these goodies if I'd been in my jeans I would have noticed my expanding waist and stopped eating sooner. Leggings have a lot to answer for... I should have listened to that sartorial advice but because I didn't, I have had to put an abrupt halt to my swimming shopping spree that I've been on this last 2 weeks. No point in me buying a new costume, or worse a wetsuit in my current state.

What I need to do urgently is to get on and start what I originally set out to do, and get my lardy ar*e into gear, pronto! So you see being laid up isn't good for me. Not one bit. It's affected my waist line, my motivation and finally my wallet! I've a week to claw it all back. I'm going to be busy!

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