Tuesday, 28 February 2017

When your Domestic Goddess status increases- Result!

And so on the back of yesterday's traumatic swim suit try on, as promised, today I am making sugar free fruity flapjack. How hard can it be...? I've bagged a lift and am off to the supermarket armed with a bag for life and my list of ingredients.

On arrival my friend/chauffeur (paid in coffee and cake) offered to speak to "someone in authority" about getting me a wheelchair. I don't need one anymore, and I suspect she just likes pushing me round to cause mischief, but go with over protective friend, however this is the same friend that took me shopping a couple of weeks ago and parked me up, in a wheelchair they had lent me (I was 3 weeks post op and unable to walk), with the children's ride on cars whilst she went into a kitchen shop looking for knives. She said she was worried about me causing an avalanche, similar to the previous shop, blaming the layout, rather than any shoddy navigational skills of the designated driver (her, not me) for this. She said she was worried there would be more devastating consequences in this shop and wanted to take no risks. It took a long 20 minutes for her to find the perfect ones, by which time I had manoeuvred myself to a nearby cafe where I ordered coffee and cake at a table for one! So you can see why I wasn't enthused by her offer.

'Parked up'

Anyway, back to the job in hand...Off I went to find my required ingredients, on foot...

1. 150g Medjool(?) dates - never heard of them, but turns out they are sweeter than ordinary ones. Who Knew? Not me!
2. 50g Apricots -  they come in 40g or 500g... sigh!
3. 50g Sultanas - they only come in a 500g bag... Grrr.
4. 75g Mixed seeds - now are these the same as the wild bird seeds? 'Cause I'm considering buying them instead, after discovering that the smallest bag I can find is 750g.
5. 150g Rolled oats - I found a 1kg bag. Looks like it's porridge for breakfast for the foreseeable future!

Back home the baking part is all relatively stress free, except for one thing- I don't have a blender (I'm only on the second instruction!) So here's hoping that the smoothie maker manages, 'cause it'll have to do. I've remembered to pitt the dates, and it's making an odd noise, but should hold out. I was a Girl Guide once upon a time. I think this helped.

Feeling nervous.
I'm feeling nervous that I've done something wrong or missed something out. It's gone too well - I know it's not a complicated recipe, but this is me after all... still, the proof of the pudding... although it's not out of the tin yet. It could still all go so terribly wrong!


P.S - Not sure about credits and all that, but just to be erring on the side of caution, this is a recipe from Davina's Sugar-free in a hurry by Davina McCall (other cookbooks are available). Does that cover me?

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