Sunday, 12 March 2017

1 week back in the pool

In truth, once I had the green light from the consultant that I could start swimming again I had visions of entering the pool full throttle, clocking up a few hundred lengths and dissecting it, metre by metre, in the cafe afterwards with Shark over a coffee. In reality I managed 50 careful lengths using a pull bouy, which included a couple of water stops, which may also have doubled up as a rest (what a happy coincidence re the timing). I couldn't help it, but I just felt a failure. It was going to take longer than I thought.

I explained how I had got on and how I was feeling to my physiotherapist. She immediately reminded me of what I'd been through and told me that I was doing far too much and to do less. In her rather lovely way she was giving me a polite bollocking. Once she had checked my exercises from the previous week, she told me that she would like to do some acupuncture on me. I've had it before for migraines, and really rate it, so was quite happy. After signing the relative forms I was told to lay on my front. And this was the point where she told me that it would be in my backside. Once the initial shock had worn off my thoughts turned to more practical matters like: Was I wearing suitable underwear under my leggings (yep, still wearing them)? Would it hurt? Would I be laid there exposing my backside or would it be covered? Is there a substantial lock on the door? How do I bide the time whilst my rear was being exhibited? What was an appropriate conversation to have in these circumstances? Is there any type of appropriate conversations in these circumstances? One topic of discussion we did have was that I should feel better after one session, however for more chronic conditions it would take longer... I'm going to have to learn very quickly to leave my dignity at the door in the name of a speedy next exposure/treatment is on Tuesday!

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