Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Making my swimming comeback!

I arrived at the gym to perform a near neck breaking change into my costume. In my rush to get the ordeal over with all hand to brain co-ordination and any common sense ceased to exist, and with the added disadvantage of still being unsteady on my feet, it was carnage. I hadn't taken into account that I am still wearing larger than usual (awful) trainers, and that it actually does matter when you are trying to disrobe without taking them off first.

When I got to the pool side I was delighted to see that there was not a single other person in. I think they've clearly missed me at the gym and wanted my first visit back to be special. They didn't need to; a marching band and a bit of bunting would have sufficed! Back in the real world I take a moment to enjoy the quiet. I'm not sure who to thank for this, but I truly own them a debt of gratitude because trying to hide behind a pull buoy, which was not nearly big enough, is just not cool, or recommended. It can make you look like a bit of an idiot frankly.

Next, which lane to choose? Decisions, decisions -  I opt for the fast one, after all when you're the only one in you're always going to be the fastest in the pool, so why wouldn't I? Coincidentally it also happens to be the lane nearest to the life belt. I'm erring on the side of caution, although I really needn't worry I've plenty of buoyancy of my own at the moment I imagine I'm near impossible to drown! So with swimming cap (and I've chosen one that I was given for the Amphibian 10k for a much needed confidence boost), swim watch and new goggles on, Finis Tempo Trainer in, water bottle, along with two additional floats on the side (for medical and training purposes, although may also be required as floatation devices if an emergency happened). I have to say it looks very much like a professional set up. That was until the point where I set off with my goggles still on my head, rather than on my eyes, where they are designed to be, causing me to emerge in an undignified coughing and spluttering episode, and the life guard to swiftly dismount her station and grabbed the life belt in a bid to save me.

When I finally got over the embarrassment of it all and began for the second time my swim was amazing. It was great to be back, and I was also very pleased that my slightly snugger than usual swimming costume did not hinder me in any way. I had really enjoyed the swim, unlike the life guard, who I notice didn't wander too far from the emergency alarm button or the life belt!

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