Monday, 20 March 2017

Tales from... the changing room.

I couldn't get to the pool at my usual time this morning, and so had no idea that the changing rooms had such a high volume of traffic mid morning; it was jam packed. This assemblage was daunting to enter and after giving the room a quick once over, I noticed a space at the far end near the bin. Beggars can't be choosers and so that was where I headed. I've done this a million times before in smaller and less glamorous places (that's a whole other blog...), I wouldn't be long.

I entered the changing room with extreme caution. This is not a place that I recognise. It had changed into a busy and sociably complex place. My first encounter was with an abandoned, overflowing kit bag (this season's of course), surrounded by a sea of wet towels. It's owner has deserted it to jostling for an advantageous place in front of the hairdryers, oblivious to the fact that their bag was causing a bottle neck. My second was more of a near miss than an encounter was with the overflowing bag's wet children, who were streaking through the changing rooms depositing talc on anything stationary, whilst mum engaged in locker room talk at the hairdryers. Today's hot topic - Do children's swim pants truly work or not? - Didn't stick around to listen to the result, I had places to be.

I elbowed my way (politely and carefully) through the bodies and bags being mindful of the wet floor and any moving objects (small persons), for I know from a previous changing room experience that the journey from door to locker can be a perilous one. Once I'd made it the last thing I wanted was for the little tyke to run out of road and end up being spritzed with talc, so being fast was key. Long gone are the days when you could rock up with your vest and pants rolled up in a towel and just get straight in, these days there are so many more things to consider like folding your clothes and making sure  ALL your belongings make it into the locker, including errant socks and possibly one other underwear item! I changed at speed, but in my haste I was almost too busy to notice the unmistakable reason for the gap in which I was changing, and more importantly the answer to today's hot topic. Turns out that swim pants really don't work!

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